Industry -In the state of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut is one of the industrial towns of importance as well as an agricultural area with a few pockets that are not suitable for the purpose of crop plantation. As the city is near to delhi, it is a good site for making industries. Works of handloom and even scissors industry has been going on since the olden days. Presently, there are about 520 small scale and medium scale as well as micro industries in the city. As per the date of 2006 of August, there are about 23,471 units of industries, small scale units are 15,510 and cottage industries numbering 7922.

Some of the prominent industries in the city are textile, tyres, sugar, transformer, chemicals, distillery, paper, engineering, sports good and publishing. Some of the industries like IT and ITes have good growth potential. Some famous pharmaceutical companies have their presence in meerut such as Bestochem, Mankind Pharma, perk Pharmaceuticals, etc. The region is one of the country’s most flourishing regions for sports goods manufacturing. The manufacture of Cricket items mainly the SG brand is manufactured in the city of Meerut. This company also has a lot of export products which operate in meerut. Musical instruments in india are maximally manufactured in the city of Meerut. Among the various cities in North India, Meerut was among the first cities where publishing industry first came up in the 19th century and since the 1860s, the place has become an important place for the commercial publishing.

Variety of shops which have branded products of cars, garments, bars and clubs and the gold shops are gradually becoming some of the world’s best and these sectors are employing about 25,000 skilled workers and about 60 kgs of gold is being processed daily. Over 40 BIS Hallmark showroom are found in the city.

As per the statistics that has been collected by the IT department, there has been a contribution of Rs 10,089 crores by meerut towards the national treasury in the year 2007/08, which has surpassed cities like Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Bhopal, jaipur and Lucknow.